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BBSBCC is dedicated to maintaining breast health using grassroots approach to raise individual and community awareness and positive action.

Focus on the cause of breast cancer, the need for prevention, monitoring, informed treatment and accessibility of health care.

Provide assistance to members of our community who are diagnosed with breast cancer and the need for prevention, monitoring, informed treatment and the accessibility of health care. In a joint effort with other grassroots groups, the “Prevention Is the Cure” campaign was created, to reduce exposure to toxins in our community and personal lives. We developed a packet of information about toxins and alternatives. It is available by calling the Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition at 547-1518, or on the internet at We meet with many organizations and joined coalitions to share information and to work together for our common goals. Together we raise individual and community awareness and action.

From our contacts and health  fair tabling we could see the problems many people have in finding health care especially in our Latino community, We founded the Latino Health Initiative of Suffolk County, a coalition of health groups and organizations, committed to identifying health care needs, so that we can work together to advocate for better access. The group conducted a door-to-door Health Needs Assessment survey during the summer of 2004 in the Regis Park area to access what health services people use and the problems that they find.

The Brentwood community is a culturally rich area that has the second largest Hispanic population in New York State. We established the first Latina Breast Cancer Support Group on Long island. In addition to monthly Spanish language meetings, we offer a dedicated Spanish language hotline at 951-6908. This rapidly growing program provides support for food, transportation, medications, and other basic needs.

We are happy to be able to work alongside of others, both individuals and organizations, to find better answers to real world questions concerning health. In working toward making health the priority it needs to be for the good of all, we invite you to join and / or support the Brentwood/ Bay Shore Breast Cancer Coalition.

The Long Island 2 Day Walk is organized to raise awareness and funding for the fight against breast cancer on Long Island. 100% of the donations raised by the participants are distributed to grassroots service organizations so the funds reach the members of the Long Island community affected by breast cancer.

What's Raised Here Stays Here

LI2DAY has raised over $4 MILLION from the annual 35-mile, two day walk. Local grassroots breast cancer organizations from Manhasset to Montauk receive funding from LI2DAY for programs that assist with medical expenses, transportation, prosthetics and wigs, physical therapy, child care, research, education and more.